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Blacklist: 10 things you shouldn’t present to Russians

Blacklist: 10 things you shouldn’t present to Russians

There are lots of superstitions in what not to ever present Russians. Whilst not every person takes this really nowadays, many nevertheless think that if offered might be found, then it is required to secure redemption if you are paying a little amount of cash. Just just What if you’re alert to whenever gifts that are giving Russia?

1. Also quantity of plants

Andrei Lubimov/Moskva Agency

Every Russian youngster understands that you simply offer an uneven wide range of plants; otherwise, the one who gets could fall victim to bad fortune, and sometimes even death. This superstition starred in Ancient Rus in pagan times. Eastern Slavs believed that consistent numbers symbolized the finality associated with the full life period, which can be death. Nevertheless, Russians have proverb: “Trouble never ever comes alone. ” Alternatively, uneven figures symbolized life and provided defense against wicked spirits. The number that is uneven crucial limited to bouquets as much as 12 plants (1,3,5,7,9,11). A straight wide range of flowers is generally taken to mournful activities, such as for example funerals.

2. Knives, scissors, along with other razor-sharp items

“Sharp” gift ideas brings failure to all or any whom reside in family members, in accordance with popular belief. Also souvenir tools, razors and forks may cause quarrels and squabbles. Meanwhile, inhabitants associated with the Caucasus area have tradition of presenting knives and tools. Plainly, they don’t rely on this superstition.

3. Empty wallet

There isn’t any point to present a wallet that is empty also to accept this present. Russians think this can resulted in loss in one’s fortune. But then the wallet will attract more wealth if you put a banknote in it.

4. Handkerchief

This present may bring extra difficulty and misery. In a nutshell, it shall result in more rips. (more…)